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Its been a while since I wrote a post, legitimately feels like forever. I’ve been searching for the past few months for an answer to a question I didn’t ask. Why do I need God? I was asking this due to the increasing number of people that claim to know Christ yet live in a sense as if he doesn’t exist. A native easter and Christmas Christian, who can quote the ten commandments and be a possible contender for bible trivia. But yet won’t have the ‘feeling’ of Christ in their soul during worship. Well, I felt the loss of a need for God in the past month. It didn’t happen overnight but increasingly more and more I found the solution in other vessels whereas before I would be able to go on my knees and pray. I felt I knew enough about God but I still didn’t know who he truly was. But then I came across this song 

The need to go back to Eden, the place where it all began is so evident in our lives. We keep searching for someone/ something/ etc.. to fill our lives. But the temporary happiness we encounter is nothing compared to the eternal joy that God gives.

There’s a short story in the new testament that speaks about the ‘rich young ruler’. A man who had all things that the world could possibly give him. But yet he asked Jesus, what can I do to come to the thronerooms of heaven. Jesus simply answered to sell everything he owns and to follow him. This man had left Jesus grieving. So many of us can relate to this parable, knowing what we have to give up to fully follow Christ. Are we really ready to take up our cross? Or is our Christianity all for a show. Let our hearts wholeheartedly search for him. Let us not seek him simply because our family is Christian, or because you’ve been going to church for a long time. Let us still wholeheartedly seek you and worship your gracious name. Let us cast out our pride and our ego to humbly call for your name. For Christ is the only worthy one.

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