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“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33)

I grew up in a very Christian remote setting, where my life would consist of different events that would be related to Church. Every weekend would be filled with Bible study, and sooner later than rather I felt that I was just going through the motions. I didn’t have much concern for my faith, but rather my actions towards a more Christ-like showcase. I had wanted others to think that I was as much of a Christian that I happened to show. But the one person you are not able to fool is God. When I was seventeen years old, I spent a year researching Christianity. I had put it next to faiths such as Hinduism and Islam, just to clarify to myself that if our faith is true, why isn’t everybody a Christian? At the end of my search for truth within christianity, I had truly realized that God sent his only son Jesus Christ down to this dominion called Earth, to be a sacrificial lamb for sinners such as me. The reason that I am sharing this with you brothers and sisters, is to urge you and to push you to seek Gods kingdom. Do not go through your life thinking just because you consider yourself to be a Christian, and that your family has been active throughout your church; this will not give you a personal invitation to heaven. Rather search within yourself and accept that Jesus Christ has died for you and that he loves you as you are. I also urge you beloved, to know why your faith is true and know why you believe in God and his beloved son Jesus.

When I was about fifteen my older cousin Sharlyn who was our youth group teacher at the time; had told me one thing that I had kept with me through the years. That the moment you become independent of your parents and are no longer forced to come to church. It is ultimately up to you. It is up to you and your decision to continue upholding this, and around that time you will be coming across the same question as to whether or not it is worthwhile to go to church. So I am urging you Brothers and Sisters to earnestly seek God. Seek him more than life, and through that, you will be able to find life abundant beloved.

~ Ralax Parmar

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