Who We Are

As early as 1905 a group of Norwegian Methodists started to worship in South Brooklyn. Reverend Hans Ofstie was put in charge of the work in South Brooklyn. The first meeting was held in a tailor shop on 45th street and 3rd Avenue. Before long, the congregation outgrew this place, and in 1908 a vacant lot was purchased on 7th Avenue and 45th street and a church building was erected. On March 29, 1909 the first quarterly conference was held. The Congregation adopted the name The Sunset Park Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1924 the parsonage was built next to the Church. Down through the years, repairs and additions were made to the building, and it was not until 1956 the major renovation was completed. Roy Furmark, a member of the church was contracted for most of the work which included removal of the dome, new bricole exterior, new window frames and stained glass windows, and plastering inside. In 1952 the congregation decided to drop Norwegian services, and the English language became more and more the language of the church. The Rev. Robert W. Howard served the church from 1956 to 1973, and he was the first non-Norwegian speaking pastor.
By this time, three churches were fulfilling the mission to preach and teach the good news of Jesus Christ in the Sunset Park area, ministering to their own ethnic groups. The Greenwood Heights Dutch Reformed Church was incorporated in April 1892. Elim Swedish Methodist Church was organized in October 1898. In 1964 the Elim Swedish Methodist Church merged with the Sunset Park Church and the name Christ United Methodist Church was adopted. In 1972 the 14 remaining members of the Greenwood Heights Reformed Church unanimously decided to join the Christ United Methodist Church.
1972 witnessed another major shift in our congregational life. The Methodists from India, especially from the state of Gujarat, started to worship in the church. This new migration brought new life to the congregation. The church building needed more work. Wesley Hall was remodeled, a new roof put on, and the windows were repaired. We experienced many changed and challenges and we have come this far witnessing to the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We are the disciples of Jesus, worshiping at the corner of 45th st and 7th ave. Our desire is to serve our neighbors with Christ like love and spread the Good news of Jesus.
With God’s help, we are moving towards the mark of higher calling.